Zombie Dog Plush Toy – Stuffed Zombie Dog

Zombie Dog Plush Stuffed Toy


Zombie Dog Stuffed Plush Toy


You can’t teach an old zombie dog new tricks. Sit? Forget it! Roll over? Not likely. Play Dead? Ok…you got me. So you CAN teach this adorable plush zombie dog one trick!

This zombie dog stuffed animal is the perfect combination of cuddly and decayed. He’s zombified enough to please adult zombie fans but just the right amount of adorable so he wont’ scare younger zombie lovers.

This stuffed zombie dog plush toy measures about 8″ tall. Our zombie canine friend is missing part of his right ear and all of his right eye. ¬†We’re pretty sure his left foot isn’t originally his. None of this seems to bother him though because he’s grinning with the biggest stitched smile we’ve ever seen!

The Limited Edition plush zombie dog from Rockstar Plush is the ideal unique and affordable zombie gift. This zombie toy features a humorous sign and even includes stitched on suction cups so you can mount him on the inside of your car window or other surface. The affordable price makes this a great zombie gift for any occasion. Click the image or links above or the buy button below for pricing and ordering information.

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4 thoughts on “Zombie Dog Plush Toy – Stuffed Zombie Dog”

  1. I just bought one of these for my daughter, shipping was super fast and the little dog is so cute, have not given it to her yet as it is a gift!! Can’t wait to see her face when she gets it!

  2. Ok now that Christmas is over and I can do a follow up comment to this one, I have to say that my daughter absolutely LOVED this! Even tho the little suction cups are designed to hang this cuttie in the window, my daughter sort of turned the paws and suctioned the cups to her mirror so the dog would face out and it works perfectly!!! I hope your son loved it as much as my daughter did!


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