Zombie Eating Scraps – Zombie Statue

Zombie Eating Scraps Zombie Statue


When the zombie apocalypse hits the zombies just might win. If popular culture has taught us anything it’s that zombies generally don’t turn to eating their own. When the number of fresh humans runs dry zombies will be forced to pick each and every kill clean to the bone. The zombie in this work of art has certainly done that. He’s cleaned his corpse of all scraps and there’s little but a skull and spine left.

This zombie statue features a rotting and decayed zombie triumphantly hoisting a human skull and spine in the air. The skull of this not so lucky human has been cracked open revealing the brain inside. I guess this zombie is saving it for dessert.

If you want to add a unique piece of zombie art to your collection, this zombie figure is just the ticket. This zombie statue is made high quality cast resin and is painted with great care to create amazing details. Standing about 10″ tall and priced under $40.00, this zombie figure would make a great unique zombie gift.


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