Zombie Entrails Scarf Plush

Zombie Entrails Scarf Plush

Zombie Entrails Stuffed Plush Toy Scarf zombie-entrails-stuffed-plush-scarf-zombie-gift-2

Part Zombie. Part Scarf. All fun!

Whether it’s cold weather or a zombie apocalypse you’ll need to keep yourself warm and comfortable. There’s no reason you can’t do it in adorable zombie style. This plush zombie toy serves double duty. At first glance it is a 9 inch plush zombie toy.  Pull the zombie’s brain out and you’ll unravel a zombie entrail plush scarf that’s hidden inside. Wrap it around your neck to stay warm or to blend in with the adorable undead shambling around. No worries though, the scarf isn’t made of actual zombie guts!


Construction: Super Velboa (nylon), tricot (nylon), fleece (nylon/cotton), and poly filling


    • Plush is 9″ tall
    • Scarf measures 5 1/2 feet long from toe to brain
    • Scarf is approximately 5 3/4″ wide


Product Availability Update: As of December 2017 it appears this product is no longer available. Feel fee to check the links provided as this could change in the future.


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