Zombie Graveyard Mobile Phone Holder

Zombie Graveyard Mobile Phone Holder

Zombie Graveyard Mobile Phone Holder
 – $19.95

We can’t think of a better guard for your mobile phone, mp3 player or other gadget than a zombie. This awesome zombie graveyard mobile phone holder is perfect for holding your favorite gadget or even other items such as notepads or business cards.

This zombie statue features a zombie standing behind a tombstone.  There are also skulls and bones on the base for an added level of scariness. The level of detail in this piece appears to be stunning. The zombie has cuts, scrapes and is covered with blood. Who knows whether it is his or that of his victims!?

Artist Liam Manchester created this awesome zombie sculpture and then cast it in high quality resin. Each zombie is then individually painted for a unique level of zombie awesomeness in each piece.  These zombie phone holders make the perfect zombie gift for home or office.

Each zombie phone holder measures approximately 4½” wide x4″ deep x7″ high and weighs about 2 pounds.

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